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How To Play

As an individual or as a Possibility Team.

START OVER is a game...

You can play START OVER as a single individual. You can play START OVER as a Possibility Team (doorway!) of 2-8 players. We are also sure you will figure out other ways to play START OVER.


Team play is recommended because while engaging game challenges you will get to know each other better. You might even become friends...


If you choose to play START OVER as a Possibility Team, we suggest that at the outset you select one evening each week to meet together, either physically or online by Zoom or Skype. For example, you could meet each week on Thursday evening from 19:30 to 21:30. Deciding which evening you meet may be the most difficult decision your Team will ever have to make. No matter which time of day or night you choose it seems there is always someone who can't make it... So be it.


In each meeting we recommend that one person be the Spaceholder (doorway!) A Spaceholder is the person who organizes the physical or online meeting space, welcomes people when they come, handles the logistical questions, navigates this particular journey (navigating the journey is very different from leading the journey), finds the next meeting's spaceholder, cleans and closes the meeting space, and gives people a warm farewell. If you play START OVER as one person, then you are your own spaceholder.


To play START OVER as a Possibility Team, simply take turns reading the instructions out loud to each other and then do the experiments together.

Please take your time. Read the instructions deliberately and slowly so that understanding sinks in deeper than the mind and into your 5-Bodies (doorway! you get it now, every link is a doorway to another bubble). Make extra effort to be sure that everyone understands each sentence before going on to the next sentence. Take your time to discuss things. The next step of the game is always right in front of you. If someone does not understand something they might get left behind. There is no hurry. Evolution has a speed limit.


RULE #1: Do not leave anyone behind. Help each other to be yourselves. Stay together. Stay in the game.

There are 3 kinds of games that can be played. START OVER is a Winning Happening game, an infinite game, the purpose of which is to keep the game rolling. This is possible because in START OVER there is no top end. Together you keep inventing new places the game can go.


The story of the game is the real details of your life.

If you play START OVER as a Possibility Team, then the story of START OVER is the story of each of your lives.

The playing field of START OVER is the whole the world and the whole of your life, including your past, and a NOW that is built out of your future.


In START OVER, NOW is what is important.


The point of the game is to obtain matrix points, in other words, to build matrix. You can only build matrix NOW.

For example, by reading and understanding this website you are weaving a couple of new matrix points into your energetic body... reality, not in a fantasy world. The more you understand of what is said here, the more matrix points you get.


A small team of adventurers is busy building an intricate treasure map into the global internet, available from anywhere at any time.

The treasure map looks like a bubble-net.


It does not matter that the bubble-net is not yet finished.

What matters is that the bubble-net is started.

This means that you can begin to play.


What you get to do in this game is start over.


From the beginning.

You get a 'do-over' with the thoughtmaps you use to interact with the world.


A thoughtmap is a set of ideas, relations, stories, distinctions, and conclusions for understanding and interacting with the world around you. You get a 'do-over' with which thoughtmaps you wove into your filter.


Everybody is wearing a filter between themselves and the world.

It is like a spacesuit, like a mask, like a buffer zone.

It is a protection device for your Being.

The filter is your Box.

In this game you get to re-design your Box with upgraded thoughtmaps.


The challenge is that nobody ever explained this to you before, so it may sound crazy.

But I assure you... it is crazy. You have to be somewhat crazy to play this game.


It is perhaps what you have been deeply longing for ever since you were eighteen years old.


Modern culture does not provide you with the authentic adulthood initiatory processes that would upgrade the thoughtware of your Box.






And here you are.

Your current set of thoughtmaps got you this far.

Not bad!


The purpose of getting this far was raw survival.

And, guess what? You did it!

You survived!

You wove into your energetic body whatever thoughtmaps you thought would best allow you to survive.

And it worked.

You made good choices.

You were intelligent.

You succeeded in your goal.

You survived...

...or you would not be reading these words!

You won!


A pat on your back!

A BIG smile to you!

Thank you for surviving!

We needed you to make it this far so you could START OVER.


The START OVER game is where you can shift into PHASE 2 of life.


In various secret hidden corners of the START OVER game bubble-net you will discover that there are PHASE1 and PHASE 2 of a lot of things you may never have suspected had a PHASE 1 and a PHASE 2.


For example, life.

PHASE 1 of life is surviving.

You made it here.

You figured out how to survive. You completed PHASE 1 of life.

You can't get to PHASE 2 of anything before you do PHASE 1 of the thing.


Trying to do PHASE 2 before doing PHASE 1 would be like trying to go through a door before you are at the door. You can't do it. You have to be at the door before you can go through the door! You can't go through a door from the other side of the room!


PHASE 2 of life is shifting from surviving to living.

You have already survived.

You have accomplished PHASE 1 of life.

This makes it possible for you to start PHASE 2 of life.

If you did not survive you would be dead.

Even if you are crippled, or in prison, or addicted to alcohol or drugs, you have still survived.

Even if you were wounded in war, even if you were psychologically abused, or physically abused, or sexually abused, or emotionally abused, you have still survived.

Even if you think you are a loser, or a winner, or that nobody loves you, or that everybody loves you, or that you are not good enough, or that you are the best, you have still survived.


And... there is a big difference between surviving, and living.


The difference is that while surviving, your survival strategy is in charge, and while living, YOU are in charge.


That last sentence is a distinction.

A distinction is an alchemical assertion of differences that once you get it, it changes who you are.

The experience of getting a distinction is ecstatic reordering of your energetic body.

After you get a distinction you are then a Being who experiences the difference between two things which just a moment before you related to as if they were only one thing.


That last sentence is a distinction about distinctions!

If you get it, your Being is more refined now, and you will start noticing the experience when you get new distinctions.


Each new distinction that transforms your energetic body gives you one matrix point.

It is that simple to play this game.


And, it is that amazing.

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